Smart package
  • Term of work 15 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 25.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 250.00
  • Income 12.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
0.8% daily
Solution package
  • Term of work 35 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 600.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 2,500.00
  • Income 56.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
1.6% daily
Success package
  • Term of work 65 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 3,000.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 7,000.00
  • Income 117.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
1.8% daily
FutureWay package
  • Term of work 90 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 10,000.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 50,000.00
  • Income 225.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
2.5% daily

About the investment program

FutureWay Solutions LTD invites everyone to take part in the investment program.

Investments from our partners and private investors accumulate in the FutureWay Solutions cash fund and are distributed among the projects that showed the best prospects and payback indices.

Funds are also spent on the production and construction of FutureWay. The list of countries in which construction is underway or is being prepared can be found in the company's roadmap.

The company receives and distributes the profit among the participants of the investment program from two directions:

  1. Dividends from companies that have been invested funds from the FutureWay Solutions fund.
  2. Ticket selling. At the moment people buy tickets for several years in advance, in the near future the demand will only grow since within 5 years this will be the most relevant and demanded way for travel.
  3. Sale and lease of running business to the state and private companies. We build, configure, launch and sell. This is one of the most profitable business models of FutureWay Solutions LTD.

Profit accrual on these deposits is made on business days from Monday to Friday. At the end of the deposit period, the deposit body will be returned to the balance.