Redmond Сollins

Engineer, Founder and CEO of FutureWay Solutions LTD

I was born on July 12, 1967 in the Sydney, Australia.
I loved trains since childhood and wanted to be a machinist, but the train constructure turned out to be more interesting ...

In 1990 I graduated with honors from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Sydney.

Redmond Сollins

1990 to 2009 I worked for the agency CityRail, which was later renamed RailCorp. I reached the position of chief engineer, but due to the lack of further prospects, I decided to try myself in another industry.


Working at One Rail Australia

One Rail Australia

In 2010, I joined One Rail Australia (then "Genesee & Wyoming Australia") in a similar position, but with the opportunity to develop and implement innovative train technologies.

My team was making great strides and already in 2011, almost all trains in Australia had central air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Now these are trifles, but then it was a breakthrough for rail transport.

Until 2019, we have made a lot of innovations for the comfort of passengers. Now you will no longer find ordinary benches, today all trains have comfortable seats with at least 3 adjustment positions, excellent sound insulation, a VIP class has appeared with leather sofas and various massages. Many restaurants will envy the service we have implemented!

Hyperloop is the future of transportation

Back in 2019, when I left One Rail Australia. At that time, for 6 years I was haunted by the idea of the Hyperloop (vacuum train) project, proposed in my opinion by a genius - Elon Musk.

I am railway engineer who devoted my entire adult life to this occupation. Of course I was delighted! Even then, I clearly saw the future of transportation, I could not think about anything else, I drew drawings for days on end, calculated formulas and it seemed to me that I was already close, but...

Hyperloop concept

For sure like all novice businessmen I faced bureaucracy. And my dream remained just a dream until 2020. I was swallowed by depression from the fact that I could not do what I dream about, I decided to change something.

The first thing I left my job. I needed some time to weigh everything and understand what to do. I sent my drawings and my vision of the Hyperloop project to all corporations that are somehow connected with it. With 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, I was confident of success. In the spring of 2020, I received a response from the Virgin Group.


I will not quote the entire letter, but I will write the main phrase:
"We really liked your developments and we are ready to buy them."

Official registration of FutureWay Solutions LTD

I did not want my works worn by someone else's name, but I was elated that my designs were approved. I decided to create my own company and implement all my projects, no matter what it cost me. Because my own company can give people more than any other company, since for me this is not a business project, but the goal of my whole life!

And today, in August 2020, I want to introduce my own company called FutureWay Solutions.

Immediately after collecting the necessary documents, I registered the company in England, London. I pledged all my savings as a pledge of the company's authorized capital, which serves as insurance for my partners. After that, with the support of investors, we began production and installation of FutureWay in the UAE.

Areas of FutureWay Solutions LTD activity

The main goal of the company is, of course, the development of our own infrastructure and the implementation of the FutureWay transport system around the world. However, this requires a lot of time and financial resources.

So our company has an investment analytics department and a strategic development department.

In the first one a focus group, including engineers and business analysts study in detail the business plans of the proposed future transport projects for investment and make decisions on investing funds from the FutureWay Solutions cash fund, which accumulates the investments of the company's partners.

Another department, together with a team of our enthusiastic engineers, is developing future transport projects, making concrete plans for the implementation of technology and the launch of FutureWay lines in the UAE and Europe.

Today, we purchase components and materials from authorized dealers in the United States. In the fall of 2020, we are planning to start building our own factory for the manufacture of Hyperloop components. The plant will be based in China. Now, my main goal is to connect all points of the globe using FutureWay!

This is the road of the future, ours, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren future!