About FutureWay Solutions

FutureWay Solutions company invests funds to innovative projects of the future transport. It is such projects that have the greatest financial prospects, but as a rule, their creators are only interested in large investments. We give small investors the opportunity to touch high technologies and take part in large-scale projects even without having a lot of capital.

How company works

The cash fund of FutureWay Solutions accumulates partners' investments. Our focus group includes engineers and business analysts and examines in detail the business plans of the proposed projects for investment.
The funds from our fund are distributed among the projects that showed the best indicators of prospects and payback.
Thus we are making the future closer together! At the same time, getting the maximum benefit for our partners and team.

One of the investment projects - Hyperloop One

Invest with FutureWay Solutions - let's make the future closer!

Invest now

Construction investments

Smart package
  • Term of work 15 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 25.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 250.00
  • Income 12.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
0.8% daily
Solution package
  • Term of work 35 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 600.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 2,500.00
  • Income 56.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
1.6% daily
Success package
  • Term of work 65 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 3,000.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 7,000.00
  • Income 117.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
1.8% daily
FutureWay package
  • Term of work 90 business days
  • Minimum deposit $ 10,000.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 50,000.00
  • Income 225.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
2.5% daily

Research investments

Short package
  • Term of work 30 calendar days
  • Minimum deposit $ 500.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 4,000.00
  • Income 84.00%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
84% for period
Profit package
  • Term of work 45 calendar days
  • Minimum deposit $ 5,000.00
  • Maximum deposit $ 20,000.00
  • Income 157.50%
  • Amount return By deposit closing
157.5% for period

Deposit calculation

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Benefits of working with us


The trains of our design have established themselves as the safest transport on earth. All projects and investments in the company are insured in the best insurance companies in the USA and Germany!

The future is with us

You create a future for yourself and your children working with our company. Lend your hand to a global upgrade! Who, if not us, will make this world better and cleaner!


FutureWay trains work inside an autonomous system. All vehicles are monitored in real time with microsecond precision, which makes it possible to fully automate traffic both at stations and between them.

Speed and comfort

FutureWay reaches a speed of 330 mph. It is 3 times faster than high-speed and 10 times (!) faster than Conventional trains. A trip that previously took 2 days now only takes an hour! VIP comfort, complete isolation from extraneous noise, luxury food and drinks for the price of a taxi ride!